Kate Skinner

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Jazz pianist and vocalist Kate Skinner maintains an active performing, composing, and teaching career in the western United States.  A native of Ogden, Utah, Skinner pulls influences from the bluegrass and classical roots of her childhood into both her songwriting and performing as a jazz musician.  In her teenage and college years, Kate delved into R&B, funk, and hip hop, genres that also continually find their way into her musical explorations helping to create her own unique voice.  Part of this unique voice is an obsession with alternative keyboard instruments and a study of the great keyboardists of jazz, rock, and funk.

After free-lancing as a jazz musician for over ten years, Kate received her Masters of Music in Jazz Studies from the University of Northern Colorado where she studied with pianist Dana Landry and worked as a graduate assistant for the jazz studies program.  While there, she directed UNC’s Jazz Lab Band IV and several vocal jazz ensembles, including UNC’s premier vocal group, the Northern Colorado Voices.  She is currently a doctoral candidate in jazz studies at the University of Northern Colorado, studying orchestral conducting as a secondary area.  During her time at UNC, Skinner has become a regular on the northern Colorado gigging scene, playing frequently as both a pianist and singer.

Skinner is co-leader and keyboardist/vocalist of the band Promotional Code, a quartet that plays both original compositions and covers of tunes using a fusion of hip hop, R&B, and jazz to tell their own musical story.  The band released their self-titled debut album in 2013 and has recently completed a tour of several states in the western US.  2014 will see the release of two new projects that Kate is highly involved in, one of which is a straight-ahead jazz quartet called Divergent featuring her writing and performing.  The second is a bass-guitar-voice trio album with Born to Wander, a group founded in jazz that explores interpreting classic folk and rock tunes along with jazz standards.  Kate believes that the pursuit of honest and creative projects is the lifeblood of any artist and she strives to continually push herself and widen her scope to new influences and excitements.

Skinner is currently adjunct faculty in the theory, musicology, and jazz departments at Utah State University.